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Genesis Press Reprints

Genesis Press is re-releasing these classic titles from some of our best known and most loved authors. They are being reprinted in an inexpensive mass market format, giving our readers an affordable way to fall in love all over again with some of their favorite writers.

In October 10:

Against the Wind

In September 10:


May 10:

The Business of Love

In December 09:


Just an Affair                                                   Shades of Brown

In November 09:


In October 09:


Midnight Clear                                                  Midnight Clear, Too

In September 09:


Ebony Eyes                                                          Love in High Gear

In August 09:


An Unfinished Love Affair                                 A Perfect Place to Pray

In July 09:


It's in His Kiss                                                   Intentional Mistakes

In June 09:


Reckless Surrender                                           No Ordinary Love

In May 09:


Path of Fire                                                         Caught Up in the Rapture

In April 09:


Rock Star                                                           Sinful Intentions

In March 09:


Chances                                                              Twist of Fate

In February 09:


A Love of Her Own                                          The Color of Trouble

In January 09:


I'm Gonna Make You Love Me                          Shades of Desire

In December 08:


Office Policy                                                    Rendezvous With Fate

In November 08:


Yesterday is Gone                                                 Again, My Love

In October 08:


Everlastin' Love                                                             Three Wishes

In September 08:


At Last                                                                             Icie

In August 08:


All I Ask                                                                      Unbreak My Heart

In July 08:


Angel's Paradise                                                      Object of His Desire

In June 08:


Dark Storm Rising                                                      Sin

In May 08:


I'll Be Your Shelter                                                     Careless Whispers

In April 08:


A Heart's Awakening                                                  Breeze

In March 08:


Beyond the Rapture                                              Life Is ...

In February 08:


Passion                                                                    Whispers in the Sand

In January 08:


Cautious Heart                                                       Suddenly You

In December 07:


Love Always                                                              Pride and Joi

In November 07:


Truly Inseparable                                                          The Color Line

In October 07:


Broken                                                                             Magnolia Sunset

In September 07:


Fate                                                                                   Mae's Promise

In August 07:


Bodyguard                                                                    Crossing Paths

In July 07:


Indiscretions                                                            Whispers in the Night

In June 07:


A Dangerous Deception                                               Illusions

In May 07:


Sweet Tomorrows                                                   No Commitment           

In April 07:


Cherish the Flame                                                    Quiet Storm

In March 07:


Subtle Secrets                                                          Midnight Magic

In February 07: 


Best of Friends                                                       A Love to Cherish

In January 07:


Rooms of the Heart                                                   A Dangerous Love

December 2006:


Interlude                                                                     Bound by Love

November 2006:


Soul to Soul                                                              Naked Soul

October 2006:


Against the Wind                                                   Gentle Yearning 


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