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Ebony Angel


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Ebony Angel
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Ebony Washington is about to finish graduate school and move her child out of the gang infested, drug ridden west-side Chicago neighborhood they live in. She meets Richard Pacini on the elevated train, and they hit it off instantly: they have complementary goals and personalities, they have the same outlook on life, and they have a mutual attraction to each other. Ebony refuses to allow her meddling friends or the father of her child, Trae, to keep her from pursuing a relationship with Richard or leading her life as she sees fit.

Richard is speeding along a career path most would envy, but he isn't happy. He longs to have a loving family. When he meets Ebony on the train, he believes his prayers have been answered. Battling over his decisions with his mother is the norm for Richard. Dealing with people as manipulative as Trae is a whole new story. Richard knows Ebony is his angel, and no one will keep them apart.

Trae would die before letting some white guy steal his woman, but he knows Ebony won't even consider taking him back as long as he's selling drugs. Now he has two missions: break up Ebony and Richard, and become the man Ebony wants.

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