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Authors -- Colette Haywood

Colette Haywood was born in the Midwest, but moved to Atlanta in her teens. After high school, she went to college, but quit after a year and a half to work in film. Her career in film work was very short lived, so she returned to Atlanta to finish school. After the birth of her daughter, she entered cosmetology school and began working in a salon. It didn't take long for Colette to decide that a career in hair was not for her. By that time she was married, with a daughter and a newborn son. Colette had more jobs than she could count. She did everything from acting to modeling to office work to advertising and the list just continued to grow. Colette soul's thirst was quenched when she enrolled in a novel writing workshop. Something clicked; she had found an outlet for all of her creative energy. Peace Be Still is her first novel.

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Peace Be Still
Peace Be Still
2005 title.

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