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Authors -- Wanda Thomas

When a college history professor asked, "Who in this room thinks that they could be President of the United States?" Wanda Y. Thomas immediately raised her hand, then looked around to see that she was the only person with a hand in the air. As a twenty-four year veteran (or casualty - her words) of the cable television industry, Wanda has worked in various administrative and affiliate sales & marketing management positions. In 1994, God led Wanda to the dusty desert and the decadent city of Las Vegas, Nevada. "Though God may have had a hand in it," says Wanda. "It was actually a home shopping network, which relocated about 100 people from across the country to Las Vegas, and then laid us all off within a month." That experience, and the lessons learned, prompted Wanda to review the goals on her life's list and to pursue the one that said: write a book and get it published. Currently writing for Genesis Press, Inc and their Indigo Romance line, Wanda's first novel TRULY INSEPARABLE was released in hardback form in October 1998, and in soft cover in December 1999. Her second, FOREVER LOVE, was released in November 2000, and a third, SUBTLE SECRETS, was released in June 2001 and was nominated by Romance In Color in the categories of Book Of The Year and Genesis Press Release of the Year. Wanda was also nominated as Author of the Year. Wanda is single and lives in Denver, Colorado with her teenaged son.

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Passion's Journey

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Enchanted Desire

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