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Submission Guidelines

New rules regarding Self-Addressed Stamped Envelopes (SASE): If you would like your manuscript/partial returned, please follow all the instructions below. If any of the requirements are not met, we will recycle the manuscript or partial. You must include an envelope that is large enough to hold your manuscript. There must be sufficient postage for the weight of your manuscript. Do not send us money or money/postal orders for postage--only stamps, please. Please use Priority or First Class mail-no Media Mail, Fed Ex, and no metered mail. We cannot return partials or manuscripts outside the US . No International Reply Coupons, please.

Mail Submissions To:

Genesis Press, PO Box 101, Columbus, MS 39703




The following are our submission guidelines for writers interested in being published by Genesis Press, Inc. Please follow these guidelines if you wish to have your work considered for publication. We do accept unagented material and multiple submissions; however, you should indicate that the proposal is a multiple submission. When submitting, include a query letter, a 2-3 page (and no longer) synopsis of the entire manuscript, and the first three chapters. Do not send query letters first; we cannot tell whether we will be interested without a portion of the manuscript. (Please do send the first three chapters; no matter how good your synopsis is, it's difficult for us to get a good sense of the book from chapters 4, 17, and 32.) Your cover letter should state the genre of the submission, and previous sales or publications if relevant.





We will request your full manuscript if we are interested. We will not evaluate unsolicited manuscripts, nor will we return them (even if postage is provided). We do not accept queries or submissions by phone, fax or e-mail. Please include with your submission a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) for a reply. If you wish for all of your materials to be returned, ensure that a SASE sufficient in size and postage is included. Please do not use metered postage. We do not return submission material if a SASE is not included. Note that your submission material and postage are separated during the evaluation process, so make sure that your SASE has your title on it. Please allow for approximately 90 days to receive a response to your query.





If your manuscript is requested, please take heed of word count and be sure to double space before submitting it. Do not submit a two-sided document. Make sure that your contact information is in the cover letter and on the manuscript as well as your envelope or box for the return of the manuscript. Manuscript pages must be numbered and preferably have the title and author’s name. Manuscripts will be rejected if they are not properly formatted, or if grammar is not up to par. Allow for 180 days for a response.





If postage is not included for returning the manuscript, it will be recycled. If you do not wish your manuscript to be returned, please say so on the cover letter. Never send us the only copy of your book. Things do get lost in the mail.










Indigo & Indigo Love Spectrum





Full novels, when requested, should be between 80,000 and 90,000 words, except for Fiction/Non-Fiction where up to 100,000 words are acceptable. The heroine in romance and the protagonist in fiction must be black (African-American, African, Caribbean etc). The hero in romance must also be black, except for the Indigo Love Spectrum imprint, where the hero can be any race other than black.








When sending a submission, we ask for a query letter and synopsis as well as the first three chapters of your work, along with your SASE.



 We are primarily looking for original works, but we will consider works that have been self-published, e-published or are out of print. Unagented writers are considered.







 We are looking for three-dimensional characters, strong writing and interesting, intriguing plots. We are open to non-traditional stories as well as traditional. Elements we accept include, but are not limited to: African American, Multi-Cultural (as long as main character is black. Heroine must be black to be considered for our romance line).  Submissions should be typed and double-spaced with one-inch margins.  Please allow 90 days for initial review and response to any inquiry and an additional 180 days for replies regarding favorable manuscripts.





 Indigo Romances are generally traditional African-American love stories. Family ties and some paranormal and romantic comedies are acceptable. Indigo romances are aimed toward a 35+ age group.





 We are looking for strong writing, an intriguing plot, and originality. Heroine and Hero should be likable, warm and sympathetic. Supporting characters and subplots should be interesting and realistic and should add an extra bite as well as be crucial to the overall novel.





 Offensive language should be kept minimal and only used when absolutely necessary to convey the emotion of the story.







 In any work the sex should be believable and consensual. Indigo romances usually contain an intermediate amount of sex, but only that which is well suited to the story. In romance the Hero and Heroine can only have sex with each other and must not have sex with any other character in the story. No adultery for our Romance line. No pre-marital sex for Christian Romance.





 Christian romance is acceptable for Indigo, but a mild religious element should be apparent, although not preachy.





 Emphasize culture. Make sure to be true to the characters’ culture, voice and global view. Do your research.



 Heroine should be Afro-centric in her physical aesthetic. The presence of a non-black Hero is enough to make the book cross-cultural. No boasting, “I’m part Cherokee” or “I’m a quarter white.” Heroine must be proud and be relatable. Heroine must not have given up on black men. Do not bash black men.







Characters must be black (African-American, African, Caribbean , etc) and Indigo After Dark titles are written for women to enjoy. We accept short stories as well as short story collections. We are looking for character-driven erotic stories.





 Offensive language in descriptions and dialog is not recommended, although it can be used to emphasize a climactic point. Its use must be limited and tastefully chosen. Please do not submit S&M, “golden showers,” mutilation, bestiality, pedophilia, or homosexuality between men.



 Characterization is very important. Make sure that characters are well developed. Show their motivation and give back story.



 Indigo After Dark titles require a story line. Please ensure that your submission is interesting and engaging, as well as sensual.



 Be as creative as you dare, as long as you keep within these guidelines. We are always looking for fun new situations and characters.





 Indigo Love Spectrum is focused on cross-cultural love stories. Most specifics are the same as the Indigo romance imprint. The heroine must be black. The hero can be any race other than black. We are particularly interested in novels that heighten the racial and cultural divide with a hero that is Arab, Indian, Asian etc. Love Spectrum titles are generally aimed toward all age groups.





 Indigo Vibe - General Fiction





 Indigo Vibe is an Indigo line geared toward the 21-30 age group. The same guidelines as our original Indigo romances apply, but just aimed at a slightly younger generation. Reading romance is an emotional experience. We want you characters separated by emotional conflict that they eventually overcome to live happily ever after. We want three-dimensional characters, fresh contemporary characters with contemporary storyline.  Don’t forget to check your details. Do your research. Your novel’s flow can be greatly affected by even slight inconsistencies.







 Don’t forget that your story will need at least two major conflicts. One of these, the one centered on the romance, usually has to do with cultural issues in Love Spectrum romances. These create realistic problems and situations for the characters.





 Black Coral - Literary Fiction





 Black Coral is our general fiction imprint. We consider any genre; Mystery, Chic Lit, Family Drama or Suspense, as long as the protagonist is black (African-American, African, Caribbean etc). We are looking for strong writing and original plots.





 SAGE - Non-Fiction





 Sage is our imprint for African-American Non-Fiction titles. This includes Biographies, Autobiographies, and other true accounts, as well as inspirational and self-help titles.





  Mount Blue- Christian Living





  Mount Blue is our imprint for African-American Christian titles. These titles should not be preachy, but relatable to everyday living and people.





 Obsidian- Sci-Fi



Obsidian is our Science Fiction, Fantasy and Adventure imprint. Again, the protagonist must be black (African-American, African, Caribbean etc).






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