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Message from the Publisher

In Swahili

We are pleased to introduce Genesis Press Kiswahili with the release of classic books of world literature. It is my hope that by returning to print classics, and translating newer books into Kiswahili, we can contribute to expanded use and the vibrate development of Kiswahili.

Language can not be stagnant. It must grow, expand, adopt words from other languages and create words from it academic halls. But words also sprout from the people themselves with the rhythms, grace and experience of their own lives. They enrich the language with the new words and bring expression to subtle thoughts with the refined language.

Kiswahili needs much more of this and we hope to be one piston in the engine that drives the ever moving language into new vistas of expression of seeing, hearing, touching, experiencing and feeling.

Julius Nyerere, the first president of Tanzania and celebrated international leader, stressed the use of Kiswahili as a unifying language for all people of African descent, not just Tanzanians. He recognized the power of books to equip its readers to learn about others as well as themselves. He stated, "Stored in books is the accumulated knowledge of man and the earth he lives in, as well as the literature of different civilizations." Nyerere was also known for his triumphant literacy campaign in Tanzania, which opened up the world to millions of Tanzanians.

Nevertheless, in a global society where technology is prominent and education suffers due to numerous sociopolitical factors, literacy rates are also declining. Several countries in East Africa have made a push to increase literacy but without the availability of books in Kiswahili, a language spoken by over 100 million people worldwide, literacy cannot be achieved. Moreover, there is an increasing population of Kiswahili learners abroad and in order to facilitate language acquisition, there needs to an availability of print literature. Genesis Press is committed to promoting the Kiswahili language through print as well as a culture of reading throughout the Swahili Diaspora.

We are proud to introduce to you our first release of six books in the Kiswahili language. These first six books are timeless classics, some translated by Nyerere himself, that are sure to keep you waiting for the next Kiswahili release. The drama that unfolds in each story is one that can be related to by people across the planet… across the ages. We hope that you enjoy this collection of classic works and look forward to the upcoming publications of Genesis Press Kiswahili.

Words Always Live,

Wilbur Colom
Publisher and Co-founder
Genesis Press, Inc.

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